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Hello there everyone!! I know that I said I was going to start doing this once a day but I have been busy rewriting my books. 

I have recently had a number of you message me on FB, Twitter and you have even email me. :D So, I figured I would address the elephant in the room. 

I am rewriting BOTH my books. The Lost Trucker and Ryder's Last Run no longer exist. They are being rewritten and new content is being added to them .

The Lost Trucker is now - Faith's Temptation. (Cover Above) Which will be release on Feb 2nd. 

Ryder's Last Run will take me a little bit more time - this is also going to be renamed and rewritten. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress of this book. 

What's in store for 2014? 

A lot of things! A lot of exciting things!!

Keep tuned to my website and my FB page. I am always on FB @

So add me to stay up to date with day to day info!! 

<3 Rose D 


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