So today I decided that I am going to start leaving you guys a daily blog. 


Because I can. :) 

I have been getting several messages wondering what is going on with the books and stuff like that. 

Well, here is the skinny! 

Life happened and I decided to rewrite the books, what does this mean for you, the readers? 

Well, this means you get a whole new book with new and interesting stuff in it! Yes - Faith and Ryder are still at the forefront of the series, but some new things are happening and well flat out Ryder told me that he wants to beef things up. 
And of course like any good woman does, I obeyed him and started to rewrite his story. :)

There is also going to be new covers. The first cover is being revealed on Jan 12th, with a projected release date of Feb 2nd. 

(Want to sign up for the reveal? Do so here)

I am hoping to get book two back out to you guys by say.,. March 1st?

At this time I am uncertain on the timeline for book two as I am still rewriting book one. 

So, with all that being said - I am in the middle of revamping my street team, want to come in behind the scenes with me?? Do so here

Well, I am going to head out of here for now and go play with Ryder a little bit more. ;) 

Till next time.. Keep it weird!! Love you all!! 


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