Yes, it's true... As the meme says, the date has changed.. You will have to wait a few more days to get your hands on Faith's Temptation. 
But it's for good reasons, why? Because my editor/great friend is also releasing a book around the same time along with some other amazing authors and we have all teamed up and decided to bring you (the fan) an amazing giveaway! 
We have books, swag, gift cards.. And even a KINDLE up for grand prize! 
The event will start Feb 7th and will run till Feb 9th. Several authors & bloggers will be popping in an out of the event all weekend long, some will even be taking over for a couple of hours to hang out and chat. Including, yours truly! I am so excited I could piss myself!! 
But as I said before (I keep getting messages...) Faith's Temptation is a rewrite of The Lost Trucker. There is about 25k new words added to the book. So, it is def worth the reread if you have already read TLT. Also, Ryder's Last Run is getting this same rewrite, I will be starting on that in March and hope to have it out by May. 

I would also like to take a moment to address the rumor mills that have started on Twitter.... 
RLR is NOT coming back out! When my second book in this series comes out, it will have a new name. 
I am NOT writing with anyone, no one is 'helping' me write these books. I am 100% writing these ON MY OWN! Only other person behind the scenes with me is my editor. 

So, with that being said. I will end this post and wish you all a very great day!! 

If you have any questions, NEVER hesitate to ask <3 

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